Mike Granato (Athletic Motion Golf) on The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf Swing


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Mike Granato (alongside Shaun Webb) has worked with PGA TOUR, European Tour, Korn Ferry Tour and LPGA Tour golfers. Together they began "Athletic Motion Golf" to show golfers how incorporating a few simple athletic principles can make a world of difference to the golf swing. Granato brings a common sense approach, based on collected research data, to the golf swing and he shares some of that on our podcast. Mike highlights what he believes are "The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf Swing". Those are:

Hip and Knee Tilts in the swing;

Lateral Body Movement;

Powerful Pivots and Upper vs Lower Body Disassociation;

Trail Arm Action;

Lowering the Club in the Downswing.

He also shares drills and insights to improve those elements.

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