Episode 151: Fugitives from Justice: Alex Kelly


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A young man from a wealthy family is accused of committing two rapes while still in high school. Before he could be tried on these charges he'd flee the jurisdiction and disappear for eight years before finally being brought to justice.


"Accused Rapist and His Flight Trouble Darien" by Elizabeth Neuffer for The New York Times, Aug 27, 1987

"From Ski Slopes of Europe to a Rape Trial" by George Judson for The New York Times, Jan 31, 1995.

"Judgment Days" by Bill Hewitt for People.com, Nov 4, 1996.

"Son of Darien" by Susan Cheever for The New York Times, April 27, 1997.

Vanity Fair Confidential: Fugitive Son, based on reporting by Jennet Conant for Vanity Fair Magazine, first aired on Jan 24, 2017.


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