Episode 99. Christmas With the Kranks


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Joy to the world and jingle all the way to infinity, because the Pauls are galloping to the 100-episode mark as if pulled by several magical deer or chased by one Dan Aykroyd angrily shaking a crystal skull. Let us take a break from finding the good in bad movies and settle down in front of a lovely Christmas moviethon with the family. Go on, Mum... unwrap the DVD you bought me on this festive day, don't even tell me what it was. I trust you, Mum. Ever since you brought me into this wo– CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS? Oh Mum! Pass me the suicide.

Featuring: Tim Allen's helmet, not-Dominique Swain, a literal toxic work environment, a hammy campaign and some good points made about the insane Malcolm in the Middle people.



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