INCREMENT VICE - EPISODE #31: “...perhaps you should pay no attention to that man...” with Cory Everett


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"Animal tooth made out of gold..."

You know what that means. Grab your comfy hotel robe and an Uzi, because we're headed to Chryskylodon, the place where all lines of plot-related force within Inherent Vice converge--from Mickey's kidnapping to Mickey's millions, from Golden Fang the boat to Golden Fang the fully fucking weird outfit that kills people, from the reprogramming of Burke Stodger to the flight of Japonica Fenway, all of Inherent Vice's many plot threads tie in a nice little bow, right here, where up is down and "straight is hip.”

About the Guest - CORY EVERETT

Cory Everett is an art director, writer, and creator of Cinephile: A Card Game. He has written about film at IndieWire, The Film Stage, and Cigarettes & Red Vines: The Definitive Paul Thomas Anderson Resource, which he co-ran from 2010-2013. When he was 21, he appeared on the short-lived IFC show Ultimate Film Fanatic. (He lost.) He is currently working on A Is For Auteur, a children's book of famous filmmakers from A to Z. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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