Maya de Vitry


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If ever the saying "when one door closes another door opens" was appropriate it is now, for Maya de Vitry. For the last few years Maya was one of the voice and songwriters of The Stray Birds, a band who were impossible to not be in drawn to. There was something about the sound, the name, the songs, the work ethic. But mostly, you couldn't help but want to know more about THAT VOICE. That voice was and is Maya's. She sounds like no other. All chills and no frills. And now that the feathers of the band are all strewn apart on the ground, it's time, perhaps, for Ms. de Vitry to tell let us in to her world, her story, the beginning of a journey as it unfolds. If you haven't heard her before, look her up. Her brand new solo album entitled "Adaptations" will feel as home to you as Joni Mitchell's "Blue".

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