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Finding Love in America: Are You the One?

Since I began dating seriously in my 30s, I found myself often asking if the guy I was seeing at the time was “the one” I wanted to settle down with for the rest of my life. Frankly, I was less “husband hunting” than on the lookout for a devoted life partner in a committed relationship. To me, devotion, honesty and loyalty are paramount. At various stages of my decades of dating, I had almost given up on the notion of “marriage” until one day, out of the blue, “Mr Right” walked into my life. Really. Almost literally. We first met through mutual friends on the street! (Harvard campus – on Alumni Reunion Day) That was April 2013. We clicked almost instantly. Our connection was constant and natural. It was as if, all our lives, our different choices and paths had prepared us for this moment, to meet and to fall in love. We got engaged in six months, and we got married six months later.

I think that’s how life unfolds for many of us. We keep looking and looking – for love, for a job, for that incredible opportunity that will change our lives forever. But we don’t often realize that every moment of our experience, when we are mindful of its lessons to us, is teaching us how to get ourselves mentally and emotionally ready for that moment when unexpectedly, it will just come to you.

Remember in “Finding Love in America series: Part 1: Reality Bites," Q (nickname for Qinghua Zhao, from Xian China) was under immense pressure from her parents to find a husband and have children when she was about to turn 31.

She had failed to find a match for years until one day, she unexpectedly stumbled on someone who signed up on 2RedBeans, the dating website she’d eventually launch to help herself and many Chinese singles like her find a life partner. 90 days later, she knew “he is the one.” How did she know? As an engineer, how did she get herself ready to launch a startup?

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In our next episode, “Is Entrepreneurship Right for you?” Q will tell us how she found light at the end of the tunnel? Why she kept going? And where is the source of her strength?

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