One Life Left -- s20e11 -- #396 -- That’s Al In The Corner


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War? Huh? What is it good for? Giving videogame podcasts an easy introduction when they're a bit stuck for ideas. And now it's a good idea for a card game. We had Ivar and Gundi in from 1939 Games to talk about Kards (with a K), a card game based on World War II. It allows alliances to be made across the divide, and friendship is always the main aim of One Life Left. Just ask Keith Stuart and Simon Parkinson for proof.

Ivar and Gundi told us how 1939 Games was started, how easy is it to get a grant from the Icelandic government, and what it was like moving from CCP Games to 1939 Games. Kards has been in early access since April, but will be officially launched in February. It's going to have a physical card version as well as a computer one.

It was a super full studio this week as Ann didn't have secret work to do, Simon wasn't doing secret work in Tenerife and Ste didn't have to lecture any sleeping students. We also tried to work out the mysteries of the University of Chichester, remembered how good looking the Bitmap Brothers were, and clarified how comfy Everyman cinemas were.

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