One Life Left -- s19e12 -- #385 -- Mufti Day


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The last day of radio term always sees a bit of giddiness among the team. The presenters don't wear their usual radio uniform, you can bring your board games and videogames into the studio (although Simon always brings his Switch in), and Lewis Schaffer brings in cakes for us all to enjoy. But one thing Team OLL never does on the last day of term is go skiving. UNTIL NOW.

Ann decided that instead of doing the final news of the season, she would rather be driven to Italy by her in-laws. This meant that there was a news-shaped hole in our show. Normally this would result in Simon and Ste seeing what was on Eurogamer, but they had planned ahead and got Sega Badawi aka Caretaker Ben down the Skype line to tell them videogame news that was slightly too long for the news jingle. Considering that Ben couldn't hear the jingle and kept losing his place on his script it worked alright. He even provided us with some Nintendo Karen updates.

Once Ben was gone, Ste and Simon had the chance to talk about what they are planning to do over the summer and tried to clarify what the big Gamescom rumour was in 2018. We also booked our first guest of Season 20, made some Marioke announcements (and some pre-announcements), and joined the Slayers Club.

Cheerio and happy holidays! Team OLL x


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