09.26.17 Taking Care of Yourself at Home, Sept. 26, 2017 ONE

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-Dr. Daniels talks about life in Panama. -What kind of health care system would Dr. Daniels design if she was Queen for a Day? -Medical care kills 880,000 a year. -If you have a health problem, the choices are to seek medical attention, do nothing, or change lifestyle. Doing nothing is superior to seeking medical attention. Best is lifestyle change. -Prostate biopsy could contaminate the prostate by transmitting infection from the feces. Needle into the prostate gland breaks the capsule and could initiate metastasis. -Dr. Daniels’ radio show is back on – blogtalkradio.com/blakeradio. 30 minute radio show at 3 pm eastern. -To help “Mr. Lucky” wake up, need to unclog the itty bitty vessels. Drink more water, have more bowel movements, have 1 tsp. cayenne pepper in water, or sauerkraut juice. Eating liver is good – has testosterone precursors. Short ribs are helpful – a lot of connective tissue in them. Mr. Lucky going off line is a signal that the immune system is clogging up the body. Fix Mr. Lucky to stave off a bigger disaster. -Why does testosterone get so low? Need cholesterol to make T. Low-fat diet and statins to blame. Liver can’t make all the cholesterol you need. Death rate goes up when cholesterol is below 200. -You can’t use natural methods to achieve medical targets, because the medical targets are deadly. -Tanya asks about her 65 y.o. dad diagnosed with an inguinal hernia, which is an opening between the abdomen and thigh which can go into the scrotum. Caused by pressure in the abdomen. Does it bother him? If not leave it alone. If it’s a problem? Reduce pressure in the abdomen. Keep bowels empty with Vitality Capsules, enemas. Stop heavy lifting, cigarettes. Emphysema, asthma, lung disease increase pressure. Hernia surgery is problematic, especially the use of mesh, which gets infected. Use a truss. -Carmen asks what to do for a hit to the head after a sports injury. It is a concussion, need to reduce the brain swelling. Sit with head elevated. Do an enema, detox, ginger tea, ice pack, vegan or vegetarian diet for first week. Second, third, and fourth head injuries are problematic – change the sport, wear a helmet, play less intensively. Avoid organized sports. -Eileen asks what Dr. Daniels does to keep away gray hair. Good diet. Eat at home, cook your own food. Small willow flower tea. Buy the whole herb by the pound, mix with other herbs to make a tea.

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