10.11.19 Open Phones Patrick Two


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We dance around some of the ideas and insights of Dr. Roby Mitchell, Thursday's guest among these are: Looking at ones MCV marker on a blood test for possible information on HCL levels The list of foods that help balance out Candida overgrowth used in the long lived Blue Zones Thyroid function and healing No need to demonize folks who do bad stuff, the Lords of Karma will take care of those matters. Patrick talks about his dream experience with parasites coming out of his feet Listener Robert from Houston and we talk about a few things, such as: Wayne Blakely's passing Drinking milk for fun and health and what freezing does to the prana in foods John in NY calls and we talk about: Social Credit Score in China All digital money in China 5G in New York and the NSA and other agencies tracking everything we do Patrick talks about getting a laser temperature device to measure ones big toe for accurate thyroid function testing Some emails: Quinton Tarrentino will for sure buy your screen play..if you have the line.."I'm gonna laser my toe" in it. I finally bought some pigs feet..After years of eating ground beef and turkey that bare no resemblance to an actual living creature, ...these are so visually anatomically representational. It's a bit unnerving. So I've been cooking them in water on low heat for a few hours. How do you cook 'em?.....and then what Speaking of freezing fruits and whatever, One World Whey is "Cold Processed" and therefore suppose to be better than heating and is advertised as not destroying the beneficial enzymes. Patrick i talked to woman at living streams and she said Wayne passed away I WAS BLOWN AWAY ...sorry if you talked about it on an earlier show .

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