How Spritiual Healing works, Patrick Timpone, May 22,2020


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Sensationalists, conspiracy theorists, & David Zublick Patrick elaborates on what he thinks spiritual healing really is The Hollywood/Fauci bandwagon Do your own work. We have many people writing to us to look things up for them or search for things in our search engine. All the tools are there for you to use and it’s good for the soul to do the work. It’s an indicator of how badly you want something. Plus, with this lock down, we hope you are doing lots and lots of research into building excellent health Be careful with medical intuitives Blocking radio frequencies in your home Is COVID-19 being used to cover up the banking crisis? John, from NY, calls in to tell us how much he is enjoying his Aquacure machine during this lockdown; he suggests watching this video on how to set it up for people buying it as it’ll help understand the printed instructions A listener weighs in on a mandatory vaccine court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) saying: The court case, while eloquently written, basically says that the dude picked the wrong issues when he objected to the vaccination. If the wrong argument goes before the court, the court always agrees with the court opinion that was sent up.It makes no determination on vaccination, other than to say that the state legislature surely examined the issues of injury before passing the law. The law was only specific to smallpox, and for a small fee (maybe large in 1905), the dude could have extricated himself. In other words, he had a remedy. Also, the court pointed out that Jacobson showed no evidence that vaccination would seriously impair his health or probably cause his death. He appeared to be in perfect health and a fit subject for vaccination. The case was deficient in subject matter. And we’ll add to that saying that he had an “out” from the very beginning, either to get the vaccine OR pay a $5 fine. and more!!

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