Ep. 7: From the Catskills to Colombia (and back)


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Hey you… Welcome to Episode 7 of One Step Beyond, a fortnightly show about positively engaging with the world outside our door, with host Tony Fletcher.

On this episode, we go from the Catskill Mountains to the mountains of Colombia, in South America, with artist Ric Dragon, who gave up a successful business in the USA to pursue a dream of a rebirth abroad, founding an art center outside of Bogotá, Arte Sumapaz. Then we venture back onto the Catskill Mountains with legendary race director and coach Dick Vincent, to discuss trail running. Inevitably, in both stories, Coronavirus has had a significant impact, and we find ourselves discussing this, too.

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Arte Sumapaz website

Arte Sumapaz Instagram

Arte Sumapaz Facebook

Ric Dragon artist page

Coach Dick Vincent Facebook

Escarpment Trail Run website

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running - a fantastic introduction to the sport, via Barnes & Noble.

(But support your indie book store)!

Tony's GoPro video running this section of the Escarpment Trail in 2017

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