#342: Behind-The-Scenes With My Mentor, Michael Hyatt: Why Entrepreneurs Will Save The World


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Entrepreneurship has been declining in recent years.

Uh oh! I, for one, do not like the sound of that. However, after chatting with my dear friend and business mentor, Michael Hyatt, I’m starting to see how we can reverse this trend and why it’s most important that we do.

Michael’s newest book, Entrepreneurs Will Save The World, is an invitation for anyone and everyone to step into their role as an entrepreneur.

In this interview, we chat about his new book, a few traits every entrepreneur must possess, why entrepreneurship is one of the most essential things we need whether our economy is thriving or not, and my favorite, a step-by-step method for embracing entrepreneurship and finding a solid solution.

Entrepreneurs Will Save The World

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [06:50] Entrepreneurs contribute to a better society. Period, end of story! Why? Because they are problem solvers, and problem-solvers are essential to our society.
  • [09:03] Three areas that entrepreneurs contribute to society include, providing jobs and growth, providing tax benefits, and making people's lives better through the goods and services they offer.
  • [21:26] One of the stages of the entrepreneurial method is to observe the problem particularly in regards to the customers or clients that you are trying to serve.
  • [26:51] As an entrepreneur, you have to have a true desire to solve the problem. Ask yourself, “What am I uniquely qualified to solve?”
  • [29:17] Pay attention to your motivation, this is important in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • [32:30] Hot Tip: Shift your mindset and start seeing problems as opportunities.

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