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40 generations passed satanic ritual abuse down to their children. Deborah was neglected, tortured, raped, forced into rituals, and sex trafficked. During abuse as a young child, a light came into her room as Jesus reached out to her. He gently told her He couldn't stop the abuse, but that He would always be with her. She found that to be true through the years as she should have died many times, but didn't. Her family led a double life in the church, looking like an upstanding family, but many rituals took place in that church they attended. They tried to confuse Deborah through the years by telling her Jesus was bad and satan was good. As confusing as it was, Jesus was with her and brought her through. She found inner healing and deliverance and her heart was to help other survivors. She became a part of Dr. Larson's Spiritual Freedom Church where she was trained to help others. They have ministries throughout the United States and around the world. If you would like to reach out to them for help, you can contact Pastor Edra in Vancouver, Washington at 503-819-3376 from 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. You can also contact Dr. Larson at 303-980-1511. They may be able to do zoom sessions for those not near a ministry team.

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