How the Church Handles SRA's with Sherry


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Sherry shared her story with us on season 2, episode 38 and on youtube. Today she wanted to share her difficulties with churches coming against her with spiritual abuse just because she was an sra survivor. It would be bad enough hearing her story, but the sad fact is that sra's all over the world encounter very similar situations. Today we are calling for churches to change their hearts to one of compassion for those who are the most wounded when they come through their doors for help and ministry. Let's share the heart of Jesus and provide inner healing and deliverance. Let's sit with those who weep and provide comfort and understanding. Rev. Clifford Molnar is affiliated with Victory Center Ministries, which I highly recommend for all survivors. His teaching is completely Bible based and is the foundations of my walk with God. You connect with him at and watch his live sermons on facebook on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am Eastern and Wednesday, 7:00 Eastern at If you would like to support this podcast, please visit Thank you for your ongoing support!

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