Ontario Morning Podcast - Tuesday March 30, 2021


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Here's a suggestion for high school students looking to volunteer: help people to book their vaccination appointments.Josh Atienza, who volunteers with Masks4Canada tells us about how they hope to enlist the help of students; What is the current thinking on the AstraZeneca vaccine? Dr. Gerald Evans from Queen's University in Kingston brings us the latest; Eileen Cronk is one of the Ramona Twisted Stitchers, a group of volunteers from Ramara Township who have made over ten thousand masks in the last year; Kingston author Kirsteen MacLeod talks about her new book "In Praise of Retreat: Finding Sanctuary in the Modern World."; Mia Rabson of the Canadian Press reports on what's been happening on Parliament Hill; : Rosanna Salvaterra, the Medical Officer of Health for Peterborough discusses the emergence of the new coronavirus variants and what efforts may be necessary to further contain the spread; Greg Bond, an Orillia YouTube host tells us how he sold his home to buy a tour bus and is now travelling across the United States interviewing social media personalities.

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