The Fog of a Tampering War, Brown and Ingram Extensions, Chris Paul to the Bucks


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On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by celebrating the imminent return of the NBA before a wide-open season. Then (5:00): A look at the the NBA's recent passage of new tampering rules, whether enforcement is realistic, why the Bucks were fined, and how much this harms or helps the game. From there (25:00): Contract possibilities for Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram, and whether the Celtics and Pelicans should offer them max extensions before October 21st. Then (37:00): The Suns as an Eastern Conference playoff team, the Bulls bandwagon, and some thoughts on Ariana Grande. At the end (60:00): a CP3 trade could redeem the Bucks offseason, unpacking the NBA's new height reporting, Rachel Nichols preaches availability gospel, and a moment for the mountain lions in Zion National Park.

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