OA453: Treason's Greetings


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Nearly a dozen Republican Senators including Hawley and Cruz are still planning on trying to overthrow the results of the election. The exact same election results that, you know, elected many of them. Andrew gives us the quick breakdown of that and explains why it isn't going to work. We also discuss comparisons to 2004 and 2016. Our main segment is a classic OA Signature Deep-Dive (tm) on litigation hold letters, inspired by the very aggressive one sent by Dominion to star Giuliani witness Melissa Carrone. As much as she may deserve scorn, Andrew argues that Dominion is perhaps crossing a line with this letter. Find out why!

Links: 3 US Code § 15 - Counting electoral votes in Congress, 2004 Electoral College Results, Democrats challenge Ohio electoral votes - Jan 6, 2005, Dominion lawyers sent this BRUTAL letter to Mellissa Carrone

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