OA468: SCOTUS News! Trump's Taxes, Affirmative Action, and Title X


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Normally we're bracing ourselves every time there's SCOTUS news, but this time there's actually some good! Cy Vance HAS TRUMP'S TAX RETURNS. Ok that's pretty much the end of the unambiguously good news. But listen in as Andrew gives us the expert analysis on the anti-affirmative action case and the Title X case!

Before that, we talk about what elections actually would have looked like under Lessig's proportional system from last episode. The results are very fascinating! Yay spreadsheets! We finish off with a quick answer to the question, "could the Senate have voted anonymously on impeachment?"

Links: 2021 Cornelius Vanderbroek Memorial Essay Competition for Law School Students, Maryland FBA Essay Contest, BBC Facebook v Australia: Who blinked first?, Daily Kos How minority rule plagues Senate, Andrew's Spreadsheet, CNN Trump's tax returns turned over to Manhattan district attorney, Mayor v. Azar, 973 F.3d 258, California v. Azar, 950 F.3d 1067, 42 US Code § 18114 - Access to therapies

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