#065 - Daniel Davey Head of Sports Performance Nutrition w/ Leinster Rugby, CEO of Foodflicker


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Bio:Daniel is a performance nutritionist who works with elite GAA and professional Rugby teams as well as athletes in other sports including golf, hockey, athletics and cycling. He is also the founder of the online recipe and nutrition platform FoodFlicker. Daniel believes that enhancing elite athletes’ and recreational athletes understanding of appropriate nutrition practices is vitally important for long-term optimum health and performance. In order to achieve this, he believes in providing this information in an understandable, practical and enjoyable manner. The approach is based on translating the latest nutrition science into practical advice and recipes for people to achieve their health and performance goals using fresh and simple ingredients.

Time is a valuable commodity in the modern world so his recipes, tips and tricks acknowledge and address that.Cooking is a skill that Daniel believes is a critical element to achieving health and performance goals, it is because of this that Daniel invests his energy on social media showing people how to prepare meals in a simple and enjoyable manner.

Daniel received his BSc in Science from University College Dublin and holds an MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol. Daniel is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) with the NSCA, and has completed the national qualification in Exercise and Health Studies.

Daniel is a committed athlete himself and has played Gaelic football at intercounty level for Sligo and won an All-Ireland club football medal in 2016 with Ballyboden St’ Enda’s in Dublin. His own playing and training experience allows him to understand the practical implications of applying the science of sports nutrition to achieve peak physical condition and performance in sport.

Show Notes:Website: foodflicker.com

Facebook: FoodFlickerTwitter: @FoodFlicker

Books Mentioned:

Power of HabitThe Four Agreements7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Daniel’s Book Recommendation(s):

Power of HabitAbove the lineWhy we Sleep12 lessons for life

Video’s Mentioned: London Real - Neil deGrasse Tyson - Advice for Younger Self

Podcasts Mentioned:

OPEX Podcast: #45 Adee Cazayoux Co-Founder of Working Against Gravity

Mind Muscle Project: Ep 181 - Do you have to count your macros forever? with Adee Cazayoux from WAGSNR #194: Daniel Davey – Applied Performance Nutrition for Team Field Sports

People and Resources mentioned:

Leinster RugbyDublin Senior Football TeamUniversity College Dublin (UCD)Brendan EganMartin KennedyLeo CullenJim GavinStuart LanchasterKen FordTommy BoweThe Tour de FranceGraeme CloseJames Morton

Adee Cazayoux Danny Lennon

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Time-Line:0:00 – 1:56 - Robbie intro’s the show and asks Daniel to introduce himself

1:57 – 6:12 - Robbie asks Daniel who have been his biggest influences?

6:13 – 10:52 - Robbie asks Daniel why he became a performance nutritionist?10:53 – 15:47 - Robbie asks Daniel about his role as a performance nutritionist with the Dublin senior footballers and with Lenister Rugby?15:48 – 16:56 - Robbie asks Daniel about his nutrition philosophy?16:57 – 21:41 - Robbie asks Daniel about his nutrition principles?

21:42 – 26:54 - Robbie asks Daniel about his strategies for increasing muscle mass and maintaining bodyweight with his athletes26:55 – 30:03 - Robbie asks Daniel about carb loading strategies30:04 – 34:14 - Robbie asks Daniel about nutritional periodization, high-low carbohydrate loading, and mitochondrial biogenesis34:15 – 46:40 - Robbie asks Daniel about adherence to a nutrition program46:41 – 57:45 - Robbie asks Daniel about meal hygiene 57:46 – 1:01:59 - Robbie asks Daniel about supplementation1:02:00 – 1:03:48 - Robbie asks Daniel about nutritional interventions for concussion1:03:49 – 1:10:53 - Robbie asks Daniel about the biggest lessons he has learn so far in his life and career?1:10:54 – 1:16:53 - Robbie asks Daniel how he learns?

1:16:54 – 1:25:06 - Robbie asks Daniel is there anything he does daily that is essential to his day?

1:25:07 - 1:27:43 - Robbie asks Daniel for his top and current book recommendations1:27:44 – 1:31:25 - Robbie asks Daniel, if he only had 1 year left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?

1:31:26 – 1:33:41 - Robbie asks Daniel, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

1:33:42 – 1:36:08 - Robbie asks Daniel where people can find out more about him?

1:36:09 - 1:36:24 - Robbie wraps up the show!

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