1430: Why Can't I Stick to Healthy Habits? by Dominique Alessi on Eat Healthier Through Self-Awareness


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Dominique Alessi shares why you can't stick to healthy habits.

Episode 1430: Why Can't I Stick to Healthy Habits? by Dominique Alessi on Eat Healthier Through Self-Awareness

Dominique Alessi is a former ballerina, a software project manager, and a wellness coach. Although she was interested in health for a long time, it took years of anxiety and burnout, and a demanding Silicon Valley career, to realize her approach was way too complicated.

And so her quest for simplicity began.
​She reoriented herself around the fundamentals of wellness, and started filtering out anything more complicated.
She crafted systems and routines to streamline her life and reduce her reliance on memory and willpower.
She cultivated a deeper awareness of her personal tendencies and the habit-change strategies that would work best for her.

Now, she's sharing these things with you—the realizations, the systems, and the hacks—so that you can lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life (without burning out in the process).

The original post is located here: https://dominiquealessi.com/why-cant-i-stick-to-healthy-habits/

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