284 Practical Biohacking With Former CDC Researcher Kayla Osterhoff - Biocurious Kayla


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Kayla Osterhoff has blown my mind in this episode.

Working on her thesis, hosting an awesome podcast with really great guests and coaching people in custom biohacking protocols - Kayla is doing sharing a ton of great information in biohacking.

•Coaching protocol starts by running 4 tests

•Neurochemicals and behavior modification

•How sugar effects your neurochemistry and brain fog

•Self-regulation and the brain. Are you volatile?

•How the current medical system is failing the individual

•How research is failing women

•Women of child-bearing age are usually not included in research

•How to work smoothly with the female cycle.

•Kayla and the Human Operating System

•Brain as the hardware, mind as the software

•How can we influence this system, hypnosis, repetition, flow states and reframing

•Reprogramming the subconscious mind

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