EP198: Weekend Wellness - 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally


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Mat Lalonde’s Nutrient Density Rating Scale - https://chriskresser.com/what-is-nutrient-density-and-why-is-it-important/

Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex - https://paleovalley.com/store/grass-fed-organ-complex

Tera Protein Powder - https://www.amazon.com/teraswhey-Organic-Pumpkin-Protein-Unsweet/dp/B07GL61V3S/ref=sr_1_4? crid=1GHFXJL9EJFMH&keywords=tera+pumpkin+protein+powder&qid=1570044779&sprefix=tera+pumpkin+protei%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-4

Paleovalley Bone Broth Protein Powder - https://paleovalley.com/store/grass-fed-bone-broth-protein

Radiate in 28 - https://paleovalley.com/store/radiate-in-28

Capomo (coffee replacement) - https://www.tattvasherbs.com/capomo-maya-nut-a-real-coffee-alternative-caffeine-gluten-free-and-delicious/?afmc=3j

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps - foursigmatic.com/paleovalley

Body Wisdom Program - https://cf.paleovalley.com/bwm-order-form

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