EP237: The Link Between Excess Carbs & Disease with Dr. Ben Bikman


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Insulin resistance (IR) is a silent disease affecting MILLIONS of people worldwide most of whom don’t even know they have it. It’s linked to diseases and disorders like…

-Type 2 diabetes -Obesity -High blood pressure -Heart disease -Certain cancers (prostate and breast) -PCOS -Alzheimer’s

Insulin resistance can also cause immune dysfunction.

The problem is, even when you go to the doctor, this condition is often missed.

Fortunately, there are super simple steps you can take today to reverse this condition and improve your health dramatically.

(This is literally the ONE thing I wish everyone understood - because you really do have the power to change this!:)

This fantastic podcast with metabolic expert, Dr. Benjamin Bikman (a professor at BYU), takes a deep dive into the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance, and most importantly, the simple steps you can take today to decrease your risk or reverse this condition.

Here are some of the topics we cover...

Why IR is often misdiagnosed How to know if you have IR The link between IR and immune dysfunction The link between high blood pressure and IR Whether being overweight means you are IR The food that creates an unhealthy type of fat (most Americans are consuming this!) How we should actually be diagnosing IR (in Dr. Bikman’s humble opinion) The simple ratio from your annual blood test that can detect IR The foods you can eat to reverse IR The lifestyle choices the restore insulin sensitivity And so much more! Don’t forget to share this important information with anyone you know who might benefit!

Resources We Mention:

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