PNTV: The World According to Mister Rogers by Mister Rogers (#425)


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Optimize: (Get Free Stuff + Free 2-Week Trial!) Optimize Coach: (Join 2,000+ Optimizers from 70+ Countries!) Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from The World According to Mister Rogers by Fred Rogers. Hope you enjoy! Did you know that Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister who was given the unique charge of working with children and families through television? Yep. Since watching the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, I’ve fallen in love with the man and his “relentless commitment to all that is best in people.” This is a quick-reading collection of some of Fred’s best wisdom gems gathered from various sources and organized by different themes. Big Ideas we explore include: Your eulogy (in three words!), an enraged Mister Rogers (= fierce love in action), a barrelful of songs (your barrel overflowing?), swimming with Fred (143!!), and making goodness attractive (remember our #1 job: ENCOURAGE others!!). Get The World According to Mister Rogers on Amazon: Learn more about Fred Rogers: ► RELATED RESOURCES: Big Idea 1: YOUR EULOGY - +1: Eulogy Virtues | How to Chisel on Your Road to Character (#212) → - Mastery Series Module O: Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimōn = Hērō → Big Idea 2: ENRAGED MR. ROGERS - +1: An Enraged Mister Rogers | Channeling His Fierce Love (#825) → - Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications → Big Idea 3: BARRELS FULL - +1: A Barrelful of Songs | Is Your Barrel Overflowing with Goodness? (#828) → - +1: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You | Origin Stories Featuring Cal Newport + Steve Martin (#1282) → - +1: 50 Pounds = A | How to Master the Fear of Art (#85) → Big Idea 4: 143 = I LOVE YOU - +1: Swimming with Mister Rogers | Then Stepping on the Scale to See… 143! (#830) → - +1: Hērōs | Building Strength for 2 (#107) → Big Idea 5: 10 SECONDS - Fred Rogers Accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 24th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards → - PN: Gratitude Works! by Robert A. Emmons → ► FREE 14-DAY TRIAL: Get the PhilosophersNote on The World According to Mister Rogers and 600+ other books by starting a Free 14-Day trial membership to Optimize: ► MORE GOODNESS: - Get the Optimize App for iPhone & iPad: - Get the Optimize App for Android: - Subscribe to the Optimize Podcast: - Follow Optimize on Facebook: - Follow Optimize on Instagram:

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