Sandesh Rao and Sai Penumuru on the Community and Technologies at Sangam 2019


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From the Archives | December 2019 | Sangam 19, Hyderabad, India

Jim Grisanzio talks with Sandesh Rao and Sai Penumuru about the technology announcements at Sangam 2019 in Hyderabad and also the Sangam and OGYatra development community. In the discussion, Sai and Sandesh covered all the technology announcements Oracle made at the event, and all the community development activities that were taking place at the time.

Video from the 2019 Interview

Sai Penumuru, President, AIOUG

Sandesh Rao, VP, AIOps, Oracle

All India Oracle Users Group

Sangam 19 Conference Website

Images from Sangam 19

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