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Warrior is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Most men have the desire, to some degree to develop and hone their warrior spirit. And, despite the fact that many men have never considered themselves warriors or served in the military, it is possible and advantageous to approach your life in the very much the same way a warrior approaches his. Today, I am joined by Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur, Chris Albert to discuss exactly what it means to be a warrior. We discuss how to lead yourself when no one is telling you what to do, what it means to “slay dragons” and make yourself capable of doing so, improving your internal dialogue, and how to tap into the warrior archetype.


  • Delivering veteran solutions
  • Learning online business
  • Teaching people how to be free
  • Falling into tyranny
  • Facing confrontation
  • Slaying dragons
  • Becoming passive
  • Letting yourself go
  • Deep family roots
  • Getting started
  • Absorb everything you can
  • The epidemic of suicide
  • Alienating yourself
  • Harnessing your skills


My guest today is Chris Albert and, as I said before he is a Marine Corps veteran and founder of Warrior Soul.

After leaving the military, Chris went into bodybuilding eventually owning one of the most well-known gyms in the world – Metroflex Gym. In addition, he is a trained social scientist with expertise in conflict resolution and decision making. He’s taken his skills and experience and applied them in helping business owners and other individuals tap into the warrior spirit and produce incredible results in their life.


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