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Whether you’re running a fortunate 500 company or working to lead more effectively in your home, your ability to rally the troops, inspire them to take action, and create the systems and process to allow your team (or family) to thrive is crucial. That’s why I’m extremely excited to introduce you to my guest today, Bruce Pettet, President, and CEO of Leupold Optics. Today, we talk about the challenges of running a 700 employee strong, 5th generation family-owned company. We cover strategic planning, working through differences of opinion, getting a team to buy into the vision, making tough calls, and the power of strategic leadership.


  • Fighting for our rights
  • Woman hunters
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Life and death moments
  • Building leadership
  • Non-negotiable core values
  • Three types of team leaders
  • Generational value
  • Thinking through your strategy
  • Executing your plan
  • Putting ego aside
  • A critical part of growth
  • Making the ultimate call
  • Engaging team members
  • Foundational work
  • Defining dominance


As I said before, my guest today is Bruce Pettet and he is the President and CEO of Leupold Optics, one of the premier optic companies in the world. He has been named one of the “Marketing 100” and Sporting Goods Business named him and “industry pacesetter.” In addition to his involvement in the organization, he A member of Safari Club International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the National Rifle Association, where he shares Leupold’s collective values of conservation and responsible hunting practices.

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