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We all know the world can be a dangerous place and if a man hasn’t prepared himself for all that may come up, frankly, he’s shirking his role and responsibility as a man. It’s in our nature, after all, to protect, provide, and preside and yet so many men seem utterly incapable of doing so. Today, I am joined by a friend, repeat guest, and former Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson. We talk about our nature as men, how society has seemed to go soft, why hazing in the right context is good for men and culture, keeping ourselves and others safe in dangerous environments, and our need to evolve as men.


  • Time in the Military
  • The SEAL brand
  • Making bad decisions
  • SEAL culture
  • Proving yourself
  • What it’s really about
  • The “new guy” mentality
  • Fulfilling your mission
  • Violence
  • Situational awareness
  • Following the herd
  • Train your brain
  • Simple preparedness
  • Macro vs. micro-skills
  • The ultimate equalizer
  • The great good
  • A creative outlet
  • An exchange of value
  • Crisis management


As I mentioned before, my guest today is former Navy SEAL, New York Times Best Selling Author, and security specialist, Clint Emerson. Clint has combined his more than 20 years of military service to provide some of the best personal and corporate safety and security services. He owns Escape the Wolf which provides corporate safety solutions and training and Violent Nomad which is focused on the “darker” side of keeping yourself and others safe.

He is also the author of 100 Deadly Skills and his newest book, The Right Kind of Crazy: My Life as a Navy SEAL, Covert Operative, and Boy Scout from Hell.


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