We Don’t Rise to the Level of our Expectations, We Fall to the Level of our Training | JAMES YEAGER


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Keeping yourself and others safe and secure is a huge part of what it means to be a man. It falls under the “Protection” trifecta of our role and responsibilities as men. That’s the reason having conversations like I do today with James Yeager is so crucial.It seems to me too many men believe we’ll naturally rise to the situation when it is demanded from us. But without the proper training, we’re likely to find ourselves wanting and in dangerous situations and encounters. We’d all do well to remember that we don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.


  • Planning for the unexpected
  • A lack of motivation
  • Walking with purpose
  • Mastering the sword
  • Yin & Yang of man
  • Using guns to save
  • How to avoid being “picked”
  • Passing the smell test
  • Natural point-of-aim
  • Knowing what to look for
  • Gear vs. Skill
  • Dealing with intimidation
  • Systems & procedures


Gentlemen, I’m so honored to be able to introduce you to James Yeager. This is a fascinating man and someone who is uniquely and extremely competent and qualified to talk about keeping yourself and others safe and secure.

He is the CEO of Tactical Response, a tactical training company and his resume consists of two protective security details to Iraq, Chief of Police, K-9 handler, Deputy Sheriff, SWAT leader, Firearms instructor, and VP of a multi-million dollar tactical gear company.I could go on and on but suffice it to say that there aren’t many, if any, more qualified individuals to talk with us about turning ourselves into the protectors our families and communities need us to be.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve really considered what it is a lot of men are missing and what I’ve seen in a lot of men is a lack of brotherhood. Most men seem to be going at life alone. We’ve all head the idea of the lone wolf and while I can understand that a man has to learn to make it on his own, having men who have my back, call me on my B.S., and support me has proven to be some of the most valuable relationships I’ve created.But doing that can be difficult with a demanding schedule and a lack of men who want to grow and evolve the same way you do. And that is the exact reason we created the Iron Council. It’s a band of brothers (500+ of us) who have voluntarily decided that banding together is more powerful than going at it alone.Each week, we host calls and discussions, check-in for accountability, challenge ourselves to push outside of our comfort zones, call each other out, support, edify, and uplift.And, if you feel that might be of value to you in your life, we’d be honored to have you see if there is a fit for both us and you. Head to www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil to learn more and claim your seat in the brotherhood.

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