EP 57 - The Recipe for Small Business Success w/ Jennifer Kerr


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Today I get to share my most recent interview with Jennifer Kerr - founder and owner of Windmill Bakery and Deli 31 here in Columbia, TN. Jennifer started not one, but two businesses from scratch within 2 YEARS of each other and both are thriving.

Jennifer shares a ton of value in this short episode on topics like struggling with delegation, working with family, thoughtful business planning, and the importance of having a business coach.

And on the note of business coach, I'm currently offering free consultations to anyone who sees this post. Click this link to schedule a free consultation with me and I'll go over my 12-Point Business Inspection List with you so that if nothing else, at the end of the call you know where your business stands. https://calendly.com/idannycoleman/30minconsult

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