Ep. 36 - Firethorns and Snowstorms


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Episode 36 begins with Will and Sarah discussing the finer points of swarm trapping, from timing to spacing to construction. Their new bees arrive soon and they also intend to catch some wild swarms using traps in the yard. Next, they discuss a sick chicken and how to quarantine a chicken to help with recovery. They also discuss a home remedy for an injured chicken's comb, in this case, Jumpy the rooster, whose wounds are being picked at by his hens. The difficult spring season is their next subject. They talk about the cold March, the high winds on the day of the podcast (4/15/18), and how they're going to protect their new seedlings from frost. Sarah has worked hard to plant a variety of seedlings and they need their help. Will then talks at length about his run-in with the Firethorn/pyracantha shrub in the yard, from Sarah's first encounter to his allergic reaction that resulted in a visit to the doctor. They end the podcast with an article on the Linnaean-naming convention conspiracy surrounding the holly variety cassina, AKA yaupon, AKA black tea, a native perennial plant whose leaves can produce a caffeinated tea. Yaupon holly: As noted in the podcast, there are varieties of yaupon that are hardy to PA's Zone 6. One is Anna's Choice, found here (though out of stock at the moment) https://almostedenplants.com/shopping/products/10202-anna%27s-choice-yaupon-holly-yellow-berried/ Another is Hoskin Shadow https://www.backyardgardener.com/plantname/ilex-vomitoria-hoskin-shadow/ Chicken wound ointment: combine wax and oil over heat in a container you don't care about. Add the essential oils after solution has cooled down. 1 part beeswax 2 parts coconut oil 10 drops of frankincense oil 10 drops lavender oil 3 drops tea tree oil Links: Tom Seeley, Following the Wild Bees, Princeton Press https://press.princeton.edu/titles/10669.html Seeley, Morse, Nowogrodzki, "Bait Hives for Honey Bees", 1989-10, Cornell Cooperative Extension, https://ecommons.cornell.edu/handle/1813/2653 Reclaiming the Farm, "When Firethorns Attack", http://reclaimingthefarm.blogspot.com/2012/05/when-fire-thorns-attack.html Extension.org, Firethorns question about toxicity, https://ask.extension.org/questions/282127 SF Gate, "Is it safe to burn pyracantha?" http://homeguides.sfgate.com/safe-burn-pyracantha-87631.html Timber Creek Farm, Essential Oils for chickens, https://timbercreekfarmer.com/essential-oils-for-chicken-care/ Satoyama Homestead 里山 Gardening outside the lines. satoyamahs.org | satoyamahs@gmail.com | 484-247-GROW (4769)

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