Make Money Blogging with Melanie Edwards-Live Episode #30

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My guest today is Melanie Edwards who blogs over at; she focuses on parenting stories emphasizing multicultural parenting, family fun ideas, recipes, and so much more. Melanie has been blogging for over eleven years — she has such deep insight into the blogging world! This episode was also a special live podcast recorded at FLBlogCon this year.

Melanie is definitely a font of all sorts of useful knowledge and practical advice when it comes to blogging and the online world. I know those at the session really enjoyed her expertise and perspective as a talented entrepreneur — and, if you’re interested in some behind-the-scenes insights into best practices for successful influencer marketing, you won’t want to miss my chat with Melanie!

1. Melanie started blogging to gain more flexibility as a mom.

Melanie started blogging when her daughter was 6 months old because she wanted a way to earn income from home. At the time she started, not a lot of people blogged to make money; instead, they were just doing it to share stories. However, Melanie saw this as an opportunity to stay home with her baby without giving up a dual income stream that her family needed.

In fact, Melanie was specifically looking for work from home jobs online when she came across the concept of blogging. She found an article that explained how to start a blog, put up banner ads, and make money on the blog. She figured that, with her technical background as an engineer, it wouldn’t be too hard to set up —so she started a Blogspot account and dived in.

2. Success didn’t happen overnight, but it taught her and her family a lot of useful lessons.

While Melanie started the blog to work from home, it took three years of hard work building her platform before she felt prepared to quit her full-time job and focus on blogging as her sole source of income. She believes it’s been a good lesson for her children to see that growing something significant takes time, focus, structure, hard work, and dedication.

3. Building partnerships with brands has grown Melanie’s business.

While there are a lot of different ways bloggers can make money, the main source of income for Melanie comes from brand partnerships. This means that brands work with Melanie to spread their brand message or product promotion in collaboration with Modern Mami. When these collaborations happen, Melanie will create customized content for her blog in her authentic voice — but will also include messaging the brand wants to spread.

Building these sorts of relationships with brands can happen in multiple ways. A brand might reach out to Melanie about promoting a project. However, for newer bloggers, many times bloggers must proactively pitch brands regarding why they should work together. Other ways to connect with brands are through in-person meetups and conferences where brands bloggers want to work with will be. Collaborating with other bloggers on their platforms can also help connect with brands. Finally, building a presence on social media and interacting with brands will help catch their attention in order to encourage working with you.

Finally, the amount a brand pays each blogger depends on the relationship, the brand, who the blogger is, etc. It really is customized. Don’t get hung up on the numbers. You need to know what your time is worth, and what is being asked of you. Sometimes a brand relationship will be worthwhile to a blogger, but sometimes it won’t.

4. Melanie has been able to expand her impact because of blogging

Although building a business around a blog has been hard work, Melanie has enjoyed the journey she has been on because of it thus far. She loves the connections she’s made and feedback from readers she’s received while blogging. The ability to share stories and be vulnerable to others about her life experiences in a multicultural family and the struggles of caring for a father with dementia has been very poignant for Melanie, especially when she finds out she helped someone because of sharing her own story.

Melanie has also been able to give back through charitable opportunities she has created through blogging. She is proud that she and a group of other bloggers, whom she knows locally, worked together with brands they had relationships with to adopt local families during the holiday season. Through that partnership, they were able to provide Christmas experiences for a few local families in their community. That opportunity would’ve never arisen if Melanie wasn’t a blogger.

5. Mistakes happen; learn from them and move on.

“Mistakes happen, but if you are relatable, personable, and honest, it doesn’t define you,” Melanie said.

Mistakes happen all the time: from technical mistakes to writing errors, or a website can even get hacked. However, it’s all about how you handle mistakes as they occur. When a mistake happens, it’s important to not let it define you, correct the mistake, and keep moving forward.

One specific mistake Melanie mentioned she near the beginning of her career was not recognizing opportunities as they were presented to her. Sometimes the opportunity was missed with something as small as a missed email. She said to overcome this, it’s best to “be authentic, be flexible, and be willing to adapt and change.”

About Melanie Edwards

With a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, over 10 years’ experience in Information Technology, 3 years’ experience in the e-learning industry, and now 11 years in social media, Melanie is well-versed in technology and fully embraces her role as a digital entrepreneur. As the owner and editor of modernmami™.com, Melanie performs a variety of roles: digital content creator, blog manager, marketing, SEO, and social media community manager.

modernmami™ is an award-winning lifestyle blog reaching moms across the world. Our community provides an honest depiction of modern life for today’s wife, mother, and woman from a Latina working mom’s perspective. On modernmami™, you’ll find stories about parenting, family fun ideas, food, and Latino culture (particularly Puerto Rican culture). We also share stories relevant to busy working moms seeking balance in managing the various roles of their daily life.
Founded in 2006, modernmami™ was named a Top 50 Mom Blogger of 2014 by, included in Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2012, and named a must-read blog in 2010. Additionally, in 2012, Melanie had the honor to participate in an intimate roundtable discussion with First Lady, Michelle Obama, representing Latina mothers and their concerns.
modernmami™ was a member of the Walmart Moms Blogger Program for 5 years and has had many more successful brand partnerships. We’ve collaborated with national brands such as Walt Disney World, CVS/pharmacy, JCPenney, IKEA, Nintendo, General Mills, and more!
On a more personal level, Melanie is originally from Puerto Rico and has lived in the Central Florida area since she was a young child. Along with her husband of 14 years, 11-year-old tween daughter, and 6-year-old son, Melanie currently resides in the Tampa Bay area. Melanie is raising multicultural children and loves sharing about culture in an effort to help her children learn about their Trinidadian and Puerto Rican heritage.
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