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My guest today, Leah Nash, is a bit of a creative bunny rabbit. Leah has been involved with so many things around town, I always wonder how she is able to do it all. Currently, she has a radio show on WPRK called Sitting on Top of a Pile of Poop and the View is Spectacular (seriously, how fun is that name?). Leah also works with the Hemophilia Foundation which is hosting a Creepy Crawl 5K and Vampire Mile at Lake Baldwin on October 29th.

Plus, Leah has a lot of other projects she creatively jumps around to. I hope our conversation gives you the courage to take the leap on that creative idea you’ve wanted to try but have been too afraid to jump into.

1) Everyone has a pile of poop. Might as well talk about it.

The idea for Leah’s radio show was inspired by a personal medical struggle she is dealing with. Leah has an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis (MG for short). At the beginning of this year, she was struggling a lot with the disease, which attacks muscle receptors, and was having difficulty getting insurance to cover the medication she needed.

This eventually lead to Leah having problems eating, talking, and even breathing. After a stay in the hospital, a doctor who advocated for the care she needed, and some time to recover, Leah has been able to keep the problem under control and is back in better health now. “I found out that I was a lot more resilient than I thought I was,” Leah said.

Now that Leah is back in better health, she’s had time to reflect on her life and how MG has changed her perspective. While there was a lot of hard and scary times for Leah, she acknowledges that MG has helped her in positive ways too:

  1. It was a wake-up call. She was the type of person who would get special things (like a nice bottle of perfume) and only use it on a special occasion. Then she got sick and realized that anything could happen. So why not wear that perfume or a fancy dress just because you want to. She also started to take more creative classes and projects because she decided that there wasn’t a better time to pursue interesting things she wants to do.
  2. She really learned to listen to her body. While she isn’t always perfect, she does try to listen to herself and slow down to take the time to take care of herself like she needs and gives herself the tools she needs.

2) Leah took on a challenge to say F you to her disease

Once Leah regained her ability to speak, she wanted to do something to prove the disease didn’t own her. So she applied to be a DJ on WPRK. She got the job and now hosts her own show: Sitting on Top of a Pile of Poop and the View is Spectacular, which airs at 9 AM on Thursdays.

The idea for the show also comes directly from her personal experiences. Each episode, Leah has a guest on to discuss what bothers them or holds them back. It’s a place for guests of the show to let down their guard and talk about the hard things in their business or personal life.

3) Leah loves to connect people in the community

“People are important. That’s just it,” Leah told me when I asked her why she loves to connect people. “People are important, and I want to help them.”

Leah believes that everyone should go after the things they want. She also wants to make sure that she can be a resource for anyone that needs it, regardless of what their business is.

Leah is the founding president of FemCity Orlando, a women’s connection group in Orlando. Leah says she started FemCity because, “I wanted a place for Orlando women to have a safe place to talk about issues that are important to them, that happens to everybody, and feel like they’re not alone.”

She feels proud to have brought such a great resource to Orlando, and she’s seen it grow in so many ways. She’s proud that it’s addressed so many topics since she first started the organization. “I wanted it to be a place where women could get together and be safe,” she told me, and, “It makes my heart happy to know that’s still how it is.”

Leah is the type of person who does good for others just to do it. When I asked her what her motivation is in connecting so many people, she told me, “I’m just doing things because I feel l like they’re the right thing to do.”

4) Leah’s not afraid to jump from one creative project to the next

Leah has been able to take on different projects and flex different creative muscles over the years. She has also been able to design her life around following her creativity and finding the things that drive her forward.

However, in order to avoid overwhelm, she has to be mindful of the projects she decides to take on. “It’s tough because when you want to do something, you have to devote time to it. It’s like your little baby,” Leah said.

If she is interested in something either artistically or creatively, she’ll give it a try. But if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, she’ll just put it down and move on to the next thing without fretting over it too much. No big deal (sounds easy, right?).

“I see my whole life encompassed in one ball of creativity and productivity,” Leah told me.

5) Don’t let fear of the unknown stifle new forms of creativity

This ability to jump around without fear wasn’t always Leah’s MO though. Before her disease, she was really self-critical about her creative pursuits. However, her perspective has changed because of her life experiences, and she just wants to express her joy and spread it to others through creativity. Since her motivation now is to find happiness for herself and others, it’s easier to not let the self-doubt affect her as much.

For anyone who is struggling with self-doubt, Leah says don’t worry. “Most of the time, people are very kind and not as critical as you are with yourself,” Leah told me. “Plus, they aren’t always paying as much attention as you think.”

One such project Leah took on with her new attitude was a composition class at the Melrose Center. However, when Leah signed up for the class, she had completely misinterpreted what it was all about. She showed up the first day prepared to work on writing some lyrics only to find this class was more about putting all the music together to make a song.

Even though some of the other people in the class thought Leah wouldn’t come back after the first class, she did. By the end of the course, she had composed an electronic piece based on a poem she had written.

After that, Leah submitted the piece to be performed at the Creative City Project in Downtown Orlando on October 21st, and it was accepted! Now you can hear her piece performed around 8 PM on Church Street that night.

Does she have a secret to keeping that self-doubt at bay? I’m not sure, but when I asked, she just told me, “If you have something in your heart that’s telling you to do something, do it!”

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