Silas Walton (A Collected Man) on indies, hype and the what to watch out for


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Seven years ago, Silas Walton founded A Collected Man, and in that time, it has grown into one of the most respected names in high-end and independent watch sales. If you’re in the market something special, be it an upper-tier independent like F. P. Journe, a connoisseur-grade Cartier or investment-level Patek, A Collected Man is the place to go (it’s also a great place to go if you want to read some of Andy and Felix’s great articles) As Walton explains though, this wasn’t always the case — the digital landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, quickly gaining credibility with brands and consumers alike. We also chart a change in Walton’s own tastes, from the moment he decided to take the plunge into a Patek Philippe reference 5940, to falling in love with independent watches and seeing their business potential. Time clearly proved him right, and we find out how Walton is less concerned with making the sale and more worried about managing their place in the market, as well as being careful not to hype their own supply. So whether you’re interested in the rise of independent and neo-vintage watches, or the business of how they’re bought or sold, you’ll want to listen to this.

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