Madisyn Cox, USA Swimming, Olympic Hopeful


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The amazing and wonderful Madisyn Cox joins the show to tell us about her life in swimming! Madisyn crushed it in college at UT-Austin swimming for the Longhorns where she won 12 Big 12 Championships. Madisyn went on to win multiple international medals including a Gold at the World Championships.

In 2018 Madisyn tested positive for a banned substance and was subsequently suspended from competition for 2 years. There was a long legal battle (which is currently still going) about how this substance got into her body. Many things were tested from contact solution to water but unfortunately nothing was found and Madisyn lost. After being suspended for 6 month, they finally found out where the banned substance came from and Madisyn was allowed to compete again.

Hearing Madisyn's experience is a great story in perseverance and continuing to fight.

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