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Our guest is Barbara Sumner, filmmaker, journalist and author of the memoir Tree of Strangers (Massey University Press, 2020).

Barbara situates part of her adoption story within the adage “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you, for you’ll only trouble trouble and trouble others too.” This was a common response to questions about adoption when she was young. The adage advises you hesitate or even refrain from those actions that are judged as risky. (But of course, the level and character of that risk varies across actors.) Importantly, the adage also raises the specters of guilt and shame for placing others in danger if the advice is not followed “...for you’ll only trouble trouble and trouble others too.” Applied to adoption, it often means ‘don’t ask questions about yourself that might lead others to confront their own inadequacies.’ -MR

Barbara at Auckland Writer’s Festival (Sat, 15 May 2021 @ 12:00PM):

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