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This time, Jack and I are joined by Sergeant Brad Ewell, a Texas bomb squad law enforcement officer, late discovery adoptee, husband, and father of three. Brad situates his story within a quote by the French writer Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” We unravel the relevance of Brad’s quote for adoption throughout our chat, but zero in during our discussion of the movies Truman Show and Sixth Sense. In the Truman Show, the creator/producer of the hyper-reality TV show says of Truman’s (the protagonist) lack of critical examination of his fabricated life “We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented.” Truman, and Brad too, discovered alternative realities in which deception no longer served as the foundation of an understanding of self. In the Sixth Sense, the main character, psychologist Malcolm Crowe, is unaware of his own death. In both movies, the familiar world is left unchanged subsequent to unearthing a fundamental truth about one’s context, but one’s ability to apprehend that world is drastically and forever transformed. -MR

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