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Our Guest In 2010, Anthony Middleton looked at his life and realized he needed a massive change. With no online experience, Anthony started his website, that started a digital timer that counted down from 365 days. With only one year he would eradicate his debt, quit his job, leave England, and figure out how to make an income full-time online. With a week to spare, he bought a ticket to Kuala Lumpur with a little bit of money and a journey to fulfill. He has successfully upgraded his life by the sheer hard work and belief in himself. In this episode, Anthony shares the enormous amount of vegan food that is available in the beautiful Chiang Mai. Anthony’s Spots to Chow Down: -Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant -Free Bird Cafe -The Riverside Chiang Mai Recommended Things to Do: -Elephant Nature Park -Karen Elephant Sanctuary -Chiang Mai Gate Night Food Market -See a Muay Thai Kickboxing match To find other vegetarian or vegan options use: If you want to know more about Anthony’s blog and his Instagram visit: Share your thoughts with us! We’d like to hear from you about places you might want to learn more about or even stories about your adventures.

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