24. Luke Smithwick - The Himalaya 500


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Learn more about Smithwick by visiting his website, his personal Instagram page, or his Himalaya 500 page. Check out all the 2021 skiing and climbing expeditions that Smithwick plans to offer through his company Himalaya Alpine Guides.

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Episode Highlights: A Ski Tour of the Himalayas with Luke Smithwick
3:00: Smithwick tells us how he uses Gaia GPS to navigate in the Himalayas.

5:50: Learn why you might not have heard about Smithwick before. Hint: he’s been too busy skiing and climbing.
7:50: Smithwick has racked up 70 to 80 expeditions in the Himalaya over the last
8:30: Luke climbed Everest in 2011, but find out why he’s not focused on the classics.
9:40: The Himalaya 500 highlights beautiful skiing with hopes to bring more people to the range in winter. The 500 lines are everything from steep couloirs to glades, and the snow can be light and deep.
15:00: The Himalaya could become the next backcountry ski destination — it really is that good.
17:50: There are only a handful of ski areas with lifts in this giant mountain range.
20:00: The experiences with the different cultures along the way really become the best part of the trip to the Himalaya.
22:10: Hear how Smithwick got hooked on the these massive mountains.
25:00: Smithwick explains local customs and how to be a respectful traveller through these Himalayan mountain communities.
33:00: COVID brought Smithwick back to the United States, and he’s settled down in Idaho, near Jackson Hole — and he even got a dog!
39:00: The hearty people draw Smithwick back to the Himalaya.
41:00: Smithwick says the effects of climate change have taken hold of these smaller communities.
47:00: Take a ski tour in the Himalaya with Luke Smithwick, all you have to do is sign up.

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