29. Vasu Sojitra


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As a community organizer and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist, Vasu is also not afraid to correct and dismantle our preconceptions and biases. But he’s just as willing to learn along with his audience — follow him on Instagram. Read first-hand accounts of Vasu’s adventures on his website, and watch his film Out on the Limb.

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Episode Highlights:
3:25: What is ninja sticking?

5:10: Vasu gets diagnosed with a life-threatening blood infection. His parents are faced with the decision to amputate his right leg or let him die.
10:30: Vasu finds belonging on the ski slope.
14:30: Vasu learns how to use outriggers the hard way.
17:30: Vasu tries out for his high school ski team.
18:15: Vasu goes backcountry skiing for the first time, in the Chic-Chocs Mountains of Québec.
20:00: Vasu uses his engineering degree to develop a backcountry outrigger setup.
22:40: Vasu volunteers with Vermont Adaptive, which changes the trajectory of his life.
26:47: Vasu skis “The Ruler” in Montana's Northern Bridger Range.
28:50: How being a person with a disability and being a person of Indian descent interact and compound in unique ways.
30:40: Vasu lands a 720 degree spin on one ski.
32:00: Vasu gets into ultra running.
34:20: Vasu climbs Montana’s Granite Peak in less than 24 hours.

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