A Green New Deal For Canada feat. Leigh Phillips


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Back on the show is our good friend & comrade Leigh Phillips to discuss with us the prospect of a Canadian Green New Deal! With the looming threat of climate catastrophe we talk about some possible solutions to the crisis at hand and the inability of the capitalist system to solve this calamity. We touch on a lot of things ranging from clean energy, the shortcomings of modern day environmentalism, FernGully, a working class solution to global warming, the opening skirmishes of decarbonisation versus decolonisation, the absolute necessity of a massive public sector solution to the climate crisis that we face, and the fact that the climate crisis is completely within our ability to solve using actually-existing technologies but that it requires a massive mobilisation of the working class and revolutionary politics to do so. Links: http://www.couragecoalition.ca/a-green-new-deal-of-the-north/ http://theclimateexaminer.ca/2017/03/15/membrane-tech-help-decarbonise-oil-sector-wins-3m-alberta-grant/?fbclid=IwAR0lRnPrvADw3cXVbtXfWK7goFc1e2SIsjAY6qYPq713tSysqR9iF0GWXGs http://theclimateexaminer.ca/2018/06/27/can-there-really-be-carbon-neutral-gasoline-a-bc-firm-reckons-it-might-arrive-sooner-rather-than-later/?fbclid=IwAR14f2LWR9SI7A8QGNnMOKvqR8-qUfDhEpmpy3hZaG4gxJ2gx1Myh7uKVQ4

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