My Boy Evo feat. Ben Norton


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There's an old joke in Latin America: Why are there never any coups in the United States? Because there's no American embassy there to organise them. Today we're joined by journalist from Ben Norton to discuss the recent right-wing coup in Bolivia and the greater context of socialist experiments throughout South America. The so-called "Pink Tide" has been receding in recent years with the right wing claiming victory in a number of formerly socialist or social democratic countries. We also discuss Venezuela, Ecuador, how Bolivia's massive lithium deposits relates to the Green New Deal, the history of American military and CIA involvement in the region and more. You can read some recent articles about the Bolivian coup from The Gray Zone here: As I type this, there are reports of a massive march of protestors from El Alto heading down to La Paz, a police weapons depot that was taken over by anti-coup protestors, and the military using live ammunition on protestors in Cochabamba.

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