Team Chris & Hacker | Out Of The Broom Cupboard (Ep.10)


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Presenters. Producers. Puppeteers. Join Chris 'Yonko' Johnson as he speaks with these legends of children's television Out Of The Broom Cupboard. How does a live afternoon of kid's TV come to be? Chris is rejoined by Phil 'Hacker T. Dog' Fletcher to discuss the process with producer Andy Potter and writer Stephen Collins, two of creators of sketch show 'Class Dismissed' and part of the 2013-2014 live afternoon CBBC team. Prepare for professionalism and painful puns! - - - 'Out Of The Broom Cupboard' is a podcast series presented and produced by Christopher Johnson. The theme music is 'Breaktime' by Incompetech. Help support the show on Patreon: Follow the show updates on Instagram: Chris can be found on Twitter here:

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