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In 2008 I went to see a psychic/medium, my mother and father both came through and I'll have to say the reading was pretty spot on. Several things were revealed by the medium that were accurate. One thing I could never figure out was a statement my mother made, "You are at a crossroads." What did that mean? A future time? Recently, it's like she's putting this in my head, I've come to think she was talking about the bigger picture. In 2008 I had not even heard of the Great Awakening, the Age of Aquarius, the Prophecies of 2012, or The Ascention. I feel through all of my experiences as if I'm being prepared for something, do you ever feel that way?

Are we at a crossroads? I look at so many of our institutions and they seem to be imploding. Maybe they're waking way for something new? I see so many of us waking up and demanding more, I feel each new generation is a bit more aware than the previous. I feel there are those who have good intentions but are "following the wrong Gods home." (Eagles- Learn To Be Still 1993) I feel we are entrenched in a battle for our freedom vs. control, light vs. darkness, oneness vs. duality, love vs. hate. This is not really a physical battle, it is a battle of our consciousness and light never attacks, it slowly moves in. Over a period of time vibrations change and it becomes a place where darkness no longer wants to reside. We can choose every day which one we want to support.

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