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Roslyn McGrath joins me this week to talk about her webinar: Amplify Your Energy Intelligence: Illuminate Your Power and Potential Through the Wisdom of Your Energy Centers.

The person Empowering Lightworks is most designed to help is:

·A woman who doesn’t try to “fit the mold” yet may sometimes act out of a sense of lack or limitation, concern for others’ feelings before her own needs, or a sense of obligation.

·A woman whose unique, genuine spiritual path is very important to her.

·A woman who deeply desires to better understand and share her unique gifts and purpose in order to help uplift herself and the world.

·A woman who is physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially stable overall

·Location is not an issue, as I can work with women locally and nationally.

Your friend, family member, or colleague will truly benefit by working with Empowering Lightworks. I can help them save years of struggling. Plus, Empowering Lightworks’ online community of incredible like-minded souls will offer her so much acceptance and support.

I can assist her by:

·Educating her on effective ways to clear blocks that have held her back from living as her full self

·Helping her learn how she can access her inner vision more clearly and readily

·Teaching her how to connect deeply and clearly with her inner guidance, spiritual allies, personal energy field, and soul’s gifts.

·Supporting her to develop and implement her next concrete steps for living a more empowered, purpose-filled life that truly suits her

·Providing constructive feedback on her strengths and challenges to support her progress toward her goals.

visit the following links:

Roslyn is such a joy to talk to, we talk about several things including the Divine Femine, Covid concerns, holding space and more. Every time I talk with Roslyn my spirit lifts.

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