All You Need to Know About Visiting Australia


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Get ready for a flight of fancy as Out Travel the System takes you Down Under. Yes that's right, host Nisreene Atassi is taking you to Australia on our latest deep dive into a destination.
Thanks to the help of Grace Rietbergen, Associate Market Manager - Canberra & Hobart at Expedia, and longtime travel journalist Celeste Mitchell, this episode will take you through the huge range of options to fully explore Australia.
Listen in as they debate the restaurant scenes in Sydney and Melbourne, detour through wine country and cocktail culture, and dive into the huge range of delicious experiences available in Oz - how about drinking sparkling wine and eating oysters while standing in the ocean?
They also explore the beauty of slow travel, the power of connection with Indigenous culture, and even why visitors should consider taking in a Aussie rules football match - it's like nothing you've ever seen before.
Put aside some of the animals you may have associated Australia with, and instead think about diving into experiences with whale sharks, humpback whales, kangaroos, and quokkas - see why Nissy is literally squealing with delight over the last on the list!

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