Lake Traditions and Mindset - not just for Summer


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The unhurried lapping of waves, the sweet sounds of birdsong, and the wind curling its way through the trees - that's right everyone, it's time for the lakes episode of Out Travel the System!

Settle back in the hammock to listen as host Nisreene Atassi talks to David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt , the husband-and-wife team behind Camp Wandawega. They delve into the key elements of what makes a lake vacation so special, and how it's different from say, a vacation involving a beach or a pool.

Fishing, boating, swimming, or simply doing nothing at all - there's nothing quite like the traditions involved in this style of vacation, whether it's the first or the 50th time you've headed to the lake.

From what to do to what to eat to how to create your own lake aesthetic, this episode has it all.

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