Opportunities in Custodial Care & Population Health with Will Wright, Entrepreneur In Residence at Economic Development Partnership of Alabama


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Will Wright is an expert in starting companies that improve the health and well-being of populations. Very focused on how to use data and technology to scale services that improve the cost and quality of healthcare. Even did a TEDx talk on the topic.

Why Healthcare? I was getting a PhD and figure out it wasn’t really for me. I looked for a job and landed in a company that was doing pay for performance programs. Working with health insurance companies to measure the performance of doctors in hospitals using healthcare claims data. I remember sitting there and thinking, I am 24 years old and they’re asking me to measure the quality of a hospital system.. If this is the state of the art, this is really interesting.

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: Custodial care of patient population.

How have you created results by doing things differently? We went to Talladega, Alabama and talked to the doctors and figured out how they need to have the intervention that we’re providing. Having them engage in the conversation and provide them a tool that makes sense for them. Simple delivery of the outcomes that we’re achieving back to the provider.

Setbacks that you learned from: One of the things we have to be very careful with healthcare, that we have to understand that there is a very large industry out there. Our folks that are invested in a very complex process.

Will 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1.What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Changing patient behavior

2. What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

Not thinking about how to pay for a service

3. How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

We have to embrace the accelerators of today technology, globalization, financialization, be more nimble. Constant learning.

4. One area of focus that should drive everything else is:

Patient outcomes

Recommended Book/s:

Healthier: Fifty Thoughts on the Foundations of Population Health

Closing Thought:

Anyone who’s invested in driving improved patient outcomes, kudos. I think it’s a contingent of folks that has bought into a process that will potentially revolutionize humanity, that’s wonderful. Count me as someone who will be on your side, I am always willing to chat about this.

The Best Way To Contact Will:

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