Hiking the Brooks Range


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As the climate changes so does the Alaskan landscape. During this summer of record heat Dr. Roman Dial hiked and packrafted from the Dalton Highway, aka “The Haul Road,” to Canada studying vegetative changes near and at treeline. Roman had a group of APU and Princeton students along to help out and learn along the way. Each week during their five week outing they called in via Satellite phone to share their experiences with Outdoor Explorer. Hiking the Brooks Range is a series of interviews starting before the trip, then three field interviews with the group. Tune in to learn what a research trip in the Brooks Range is like.

  • Julia Ditto and Ben Weissenbach count seedlings at an alpine treeline. Photo: Roman Dial.
  • Russell Wong descending into the Sheenjek Valley by Double Mountain. Photo: Roman Dial.
  • Russell Wong packrafting on the Junjik River. Photo: Roman Dial.
  • Julia Ditto paints an orchid while Duncan Wright plays the ukulele during a break along the East Fork of the Chandalar River. Photo: Roman Dial.
  • “Your Creek” painting by Julia Ditto.

HOST: Paul Twardock



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